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Star=Willem Dafoe

user Rating=8,2 of 10 star

Directed by=Robert Eggers

Max Eggers, Robert Eggers

Duration=1Hours 49 Minute

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This may have instantly became my favorite movie ever. I can"t say enough about how the movie was shot and the tone it sets for the events of the film. Please watch it. I know its not related to the lighthouse but if youve seen it, you should do a video for the sopranos. What ain"t no country I"ve ever heard of! They speak English in what. DISCLAIMER: if you want to see this movie please please please avoid searching “uncut gems” on YouTube at all Edit: there are severe spoilers. This was my face expression the entire movie??. Lephare. Dafoe: WHAT? Pattinson: WHAT? Stone Cold Steve Austin: WHAT? Dafoe: WHAT.

A perfect example of how important sound is when it comes to a scene like this. Take the sound out and you pretty much get the jist of what"s happening. The images are a little disturbing and unsettling. But add in the sound elements - The horn, the shrieking, the water splashing up on the rocks; and it adds to emotional/psychological effect. And all the sounds are musically rhythmic in their own ways. So now it becomes this startling, disturbing, and hypnotic moment. Le phare elementary school. Congratulations for your superb videos from Turkey.

"The Lighthouse" features two stand-out and possibly career best performances from Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, but the premise and mythology that surround this film left me frustrated.
In this psychological horror film, two lighthouse keepers begin to lose their mind when a storm hits the island on which they are stationed.
Walking into "The Lighthouse" I was on the fence of if I would actually enjoy the film and the truth is, I don"t get all the hype. The performances are incredible but the film overall is one big, overly long art house horror film. You must really understand the mythology behind the themes in "The Lighthouse" and if you don"t get it, I can guarantee you will walk out of the room. Aside from the performances and the way the film was shot in black and white, this is a huge disappointment and a miss for me.

Adam Sandler: Stars in a Movie Me: Welp, heres another fail- A24: Gives him a serious role Me: You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. Robert Pattinson is amazing.


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